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How to measure and choose the right cardboard box

Single and double wall corrugated constructionCardboard boxes (or cartons) are made from corrugated board sheets, either single or double wall construction.
Double wall boxes are more sturdy for heavier contents.
If you're not sure which to go for, please ask us for advice.
PDF Download the FEFCO guide to how corrugated is made (PDF)
Stock sizes are cheaper because they're made in greater quantities in the most popular sizes.
Bespoke (made to order) sizes can be quite a bit more expensive unless you order large quantities, because the production machinery needs to be set up especially for short runs. You'll also need to order further in advance for delivery.
Our stock size boxes are all 0201 style, in buff colour board, as shown in the picture below, but boxes come in many styles including 'pizza' style 0427. We can also produce coloured and/or printed boxes to your specifications (additional one-off charge for initial artwork set up will apply).

Size Guide - How to Measure the Dimensions of a Cardboard Box

The sizes given are INTERNAL measurements, in millimetres.
The first dimension is the length, the second dimension is the width, the third dimension is the height/depth.
For example, a box described as 400 x 600 x 100 is a rectangular shallow box.


To make sure the box you order is suitable for your contents, first take the maximum measurements of your contents as they will be packed (including allowances for any protective material such as bubblewrap or loose fill).


Then weigh the contents as they'll be packed.

You're now ready to choose a box.







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